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Hong Kong companies examined time

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Hong Kong companies examined refers to the relevant government departments (the Companies Registry and the Inland Revenue Department) of Hong Kong weekly yearly qualification, scope of review is mainly involved in operation, profit and tax situation and other aspects. Conscientiously do a good job with the government can be examined in terms of companies in the Hong Kong Government to enhance the integrity of status, both for the future of the import and export trade, purchase and sale of property, immigration and listed companies, etc., we have a very important significance.

■ Hong Kong companies examined time

Hong Kong companies should complete its work before the company's annual anniversary of the company's. For example, your company is April 1, 2012 was established, then we need to before April 1, 2013 to complete the annual review.

If your company has set up subsidiaries in Hong Kong (hanging branches), the registration date regardless of how long branches, which examined the time automatically aligned with the head office. For example, your company is July 3, 2011 the establishment of a branch is set up April 9, 2012, the date of branches should also be examined automatically adjusted each year for July 3.

■ Hong Kong companies examined basic processes

1, the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department to pay the costs for replacement and renewal of business registration certificate;

2, to submit annual returns to the Hong Kong Companies Registry;

3, the company registered address, legal secretary of change or renewal.

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■ Hong Kong company tax time

To the Inland Revenue Department of Hong Kong Limited have an annual tax declaration, by the directors in charge of its responsibilities, such as the company failed to submit an auditor's report within the time specified, returns and company employee's salary returns, the Inland Revenue Department will be the company make a tax assessment. In order to avoid unnecessary overpayment of tax directors as soon as possible should take the initiative and handed over company accounts and auditor, auditor for the first time within a period of 18 months after the establishment of the company (usually the company's cut-off date will be fixed on March 31 / December 31, 80% of Hong Kong companies will choose on March 31 as the company's year end audit time); when the company's receipt of the relevant letter or IRD's tax return, you should arrangements as soon as possible about the auditor to carry out audits.

Hong Kong companies choose tax time is very particular about the election badly, then you every year will have to pay more time and cost. Nigel Foster remind you that for tax selection criteria are as follows:

1, should try to avoid the government's year-end date. The Hong Kong Government is the annual year end in March, then select early March or even February for some companies, it is very unwise, endless corresponding documents and reports away for an extension will create more unnecessary expenses;

2, you can try to choose the company's business is not active period. Business is not active on can be arranged more human and material resources to do the first annual Report;

3, the company should try to choose the company's financial year end in the future. Select the company did after the financial year end date anniversary can get more autonomy and more convenient, you can do the whole year operating companies into the annual document being examined, in order to get friendly support for the company's financial situation.

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